Ettyaka Tabiget Studio is much more than just a handmade jewelry brand. It is a declaration of audacity, contemporaneity and uniqueness. Each piece created is a celebration of female individuality and a powerful statement of self. The harmonious combination of materials and the rich palette of colors offered by the brand transform into a captivating invitation to travel.

“Ettyaka” in reference to the designer’s first name.

“Tabiget” is a tribute to the memory of his beloved father, formed from his name: T anoé A imé Bi rard Taricicius.

The addition of the term "Studio" is explained by the artisanal and artistic creation of each piece of jewelry, made in an environment conducive to creativity.


What is meant for you will find a way to reach you ✨ “ Hester Browne”

Ettiaka Tanoé never planned to become a jewelry designer. Yet what started as a simple hobby in 2011 quickly transformed into a passion, giving birth to Ettyaka.

Driven by her dreams, she founded her brand with the aim of sharing her world. A mixture of his encounters and his roots anchored in African tradition.

Self-taught, she is the exclusive creator of all the jewelry she offers, ensuring both their design and manufacturing.